Premium Accents pk 18


The Premium mix are accent plants that serve well as “spillers” or “thrillers” while adding unique color to any container or hanging basket.

  • Coleus – (9 colors) Campfire, Electric Lime, Flame Thrower Chili, Flame Thrower Habanero, Flame Thrower Salsa Verde, Henna, Ruby Slipper, Special Effects, Trusty Rusty
  • Gypsophila- Gypsy Pink
  • Hypoestes – (2 colors) Red,  White
  • Licorice Petite
  • Melampodium
  • Mexican Heather
  • Purslane – (3 colors) Fuchsia, Scarlet, Yellow
  • Sweet Potato Vine Ace of Spades
  • Sweet Potato Vine Blackie
  • Sweet Potato Vine Marguerite
  • Sweet Potato Spotlight Red
  • Wandering Jew  – (2 colors)
  • Zinnia Zahara Mix


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