Company History

history-trucksThe late Henry Luurtsema, under the company name of H. Luurtsema Trucking founded Luurtsema Sales, Inc. in 1946.  It began as a local trucking firm with a secondary market of selling flowers to small garden centers and merchandising chains in the Chicago area.

The present leadership purchased the company in 1975, and incorporated the business in 1979.  In 1986 J. William Luurtsema (Bill), Son of H. Luurtsema, became president and H. Luurtsema Trucking then became Luurtsema Sales, Inc.  From modest beginnings as a small company, Luurtsema Sales has evolved into a corporation occupying a 44,000 square foot facility in beautiful western Michigan.

The company functions as a wholesale/distribution center of high quality plants, adding time, place, and possession utility to markets from Kansas to Massachusetts and from Wisconsin to Georgia.

Luurtsema Sales is a leader in the industry in both product quality and innovative product delivery.  Our flower deliveries do not originate at the greenhouse, allowing our growers to concentrate entirely on growing top quality flowers and plants.  Growers bring their plants to our central terminal where the product quality is checked before being sorted and sent to the customer.  Any product not measuring up to our high standard is sent back to the grower, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

Another facet of Luurtsema Sales, which is unique, is our rack system.  Our trailers are equipped with tailgates that are used to drop off the racks.  Leaving the racks at the stores allows the customer to empty the racks at their convenience.  Tailgates save the customer money as their employees can unload the product at a convenient time.  Furthermore, all trailers are equipped with air-ride, which provides a smoother ride to reduce stress to the plants, which in return enables us to deliver “greenhouse fresh” flowers.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation of Luurtsema Sales

Luurtsema Sales not only distributes beautiful plants but also manufactures sales and grower fixtures, product handling equipment, and retail sales enclosures.  Whether you are a small operation or a large national corporation, Luurtsema Sales can benefit your company.  We offer products that are marketable, strategies for advertising and promotions, and the ability to tie producer incentives to high volume markets.

With top quality and a “showy” product line, throughout the year Luurtsema Sales often receives fundraiser inquiries from schools and various other non-profit organizations.  We take pride in being involved in these types of partnerships, as it can be highly beneficial for non-profit groups.

Luurtsema Sales is an innovative company seeking to build strong business relationships based on quality and integrity.


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