Burpee Tomatoes 4″ pk 10


The Burpee Tomato program comes in a 4″ pot PK10.  Great item to show your customers how easy their garden or container garden can be.  Tomatoes need full sun, water and fertilize regularly.  Burpee offers great online help such as FREE vegetable garden guide.

Luurtsema Varieties

Cherry / Medium  Round Tomato Size:

  • Celebrity – NEW AAS Winner – Determinate
  • Cloudy Day – NEW – Early 1-2 weeks than other varieties – Indeterminate
  • Dark Star – NEW Heirloom type – Indeterminate
  • Sweet 100 – Indeterminate
  • Better Boy – Indeterminate
  • 4th of July -Indeterminate

Roma / Meaty Medium Size:

  • Big Mama  – Indeterminate
  • San Marzano – Indeterminate

Large Beef Type Tomatoe:

  • Big Boy – Indeterminate
  • Super Steak – Indeterminate
  • Big Rainbow – Heirloom – Indeterminate

Indeterminate Varieties:  Vine tomato, produces fruit till frost and requires staking.  Determinate Varieties:  Bush tomato, compact, fruit sets all at same time then plant dies.


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