Burpee 8″ Tomato


The Burpee Tomato is available in 5 different varieties and will come in a 8″ pot.  This is a great home grown tomato that gives your customer a great flavor.  This item works well planted in the ground or a container.  It produces great fruit with full sun, regular watering and fertilize once the fruit is set.

Luurtsema Varieties

  • Better Bush – Compact – Determinate
  • Bush Early Girl – Determinate
  • Champion Tomato – Indeterminate
  • Husky Red – Indeterminate
  • Husky Cherry Red – Indeterminate
  • Patio Tomato – Determinate

Indeterminate Varieties:  Vine tomato, produces fruit till frost requires staking.  Determinate Varieties:  Bush tomato, compact, fruit sets all at same time then plant dies.


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