Burpee USDA Organic Tomatoes/Peppers/Vegetables

Burpee USDA  ORGANIC VARIETIES by Luurtsema Sales

Burpee Organic herbs and vegetables are a popular selection of USDA Certified Organic hybrid vegetables, and heirloom vegetables. These premium quality plants are grown in harmony with nature making them an excellent offering for your increasingly health conscious customers. Burpee organic plants bring the bounty of the small farmer directly to your store.

> organic vegetable plants usda certified
> Over 21 tomatoes, peppers & vegetables, 12 herbs
> Both hybrid and heirloom varieties
> Point of purchase materials available
> 10 large plants per flat
> Pot volume – 16. fl oz. (473 ml)
> USDA certified organic plant benefits Organic Soil – Living         Soil, Vermont Soil

Certified organic gives you…..
> confidence that the product complies with the USDA National Organic Program
> comfort knowing the plant was started with a certified organic seed or seedling
> satisfaction from the use of beneficial insects for pest control
> assurance that only natural inputs were used

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